Hello! My name is Yioula and all of the creations you see on Crafty Sparrow are hand crafted by me!

From a young age I liked to occupy myself with anything that had to do with handcrafting. I have attended lessons about painting, decoration, glass painting, lessons for hand crafting with fabric and more. I started by decorating candles for Easter, Christmas wreaths for charity, and gifts for my friends and family.

This has been my only occupation for quite some time, cutting and sewing, it has already been 5 years since I made my first hand crafted creation. I have made my own workshop, a place where I can spend my time creating for both kids and adults with a lot of passion and love. I now have my own website, countless ideas, and all of you who support me!

The pleasure of creating something special for every single one of you is what motivates me, the reason I enjoy what I do, and the joy of seeing my creations decorating your houses.

My creations change each season and can be custom made according to your desires. You just have to check out the photos of my creations, or ask for something the way you imagine it! Afterall, your desires are the best inspiration!